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Art at Wellsbourne

Tuesday 14th February, we installed the work of Jennifer Milarski, our latest artist who will be exhibiting with us from now until Tuesday 21st March.

The art Jennifer is exhibiting with us is based on her journey through motherhoods life-changing events from pregnancy to present day.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say: Art has been essential on my own journey of managing health issues, both mental and physical.

I have always used any material that feels right, from film to performance to collage, normally with a bodybuilding element to it.

My aim is to identify whatever it is I feel I need to work through via my art. My art practice has always addressed the unrest I have within my own mind and body, the way it looks and its capabilities & incapabilities.

I have kyphosis, a curvature of the spine which often limits what I can do as it can cause a lot of pain, and because of this a bodybuilder represents for me the ultimate symbol of something I can never be. I have also suffered with anxiety and depression for most of my life. Most recently this manifested into post natal depression after giving birth to my son during the pandemic. During pregnancy and beyond I used a journal to document my thoughts and feelings, predominantly through collage, which greatly helped me to address and begin to deal with the life-changing events I was experiencing.

Please do visit us and see this artistically documented, incredible journey with your own eyes.