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Auditions! Brighton Festival Show with Windmill Young Actors

Following on from their very successful production of Romeo and Juliet last year, Brighton Festival are partnering with Windmill Young Actors again to support their new production Bakkhai. All information below.

If you know of anyone aged 14+ who might like to get involved, by all means please share this from Windmill Young Actors:

We are really excited to announce that Brighton Festival have commissioned us again. This year’s production will be BAKKHAI (based on Euripides’ The Bacchae) with performances on May 13th and 14th A description of the show is at the bottom of this email.

Please sign up for a group workshop audition on either Wednesday 25th January OR Saturday 28th January . If we wish to see you play a particular part, you will be called back for a recall audition on Friday 27th January (4.30-8pm) or Saturday 28th January (1.30-7pm). If you absolutely can’t attend the audition dates but desperately want to be involved please get in touch [email protected]

You can sign up for auditions here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHM-Kf0Xb-1VlEJ0Pxn9wn7pzuWWTF0qtmX2GjKifjlj7SDA/viewform

A provisional Rehearsal Schedule Can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/122ge1jeaxQk0wO4MAA0wpk2cpOVD-SZV-DF2HzdJ6_g/edit#gid=0

We need people to be available for a minimum of 70% of rehearsals.

We are casting age 13+ within Windmill, approximately 48 performers. (14 plus outside of WYA)

The dates in the half term and Easter Holidays are subject to people’s availability as I understand people may have made arrangements by now. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. These are simply the times we are rehearsing.
Special consideration will be made for those doing GCSE’s or A Level and we can reduce rehearsal time if needed.

CHARACTER AUDITIONS: There is nothing to prepare! We will send extracts for certain characters to you if we call you back to play a certain character. Characters are still being created and will be throughout the rehearsal period. People will only need to learn 6- 8 lines if interested in a specific part.

There will be no charge for being involved in this production if you are part of WYActors. We cannot accept people leaving the WYA clubs they are currently attending to do this production.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: A reimagining of the ancient Greek Tragedy where the revolt against authority is reframed with a tribal youth against a chorus of predatory corporatists. The central figure of Dionysus, the girl who speaks the truth, sets the rage alight. Performed against the backdrop of the South Downs, contemporary society is in ruins with the remnant fog of austerity and climate crisis taking their toll. A chorus of crows lead us through the encampment as we are introduced to its inhabitants: the young people: harbingers of hope, who managed to survive the chaos. The future has returned to tribal and primitive ways where storytelling and magic keep everyone alive. Set to the soundtrack of thumping bass and rhythmic choral voices as the enraged screams of the collective Bakkhai lead us to the explosive climax. Collaborating with Brighton People’s Theatre and dance company Ceyda Tanc this features a cast of over 50 people.

We will do everything we can to make this an inviting, fun experience.


Tanushka, Sarah and all the team.