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Better Health Start For Life

Healthy development of your baby begins during the first 2 years of their life.

From the moment your baby is born, and even during pregnancy, your interactions with them help them feel loved and secure.

The way you care for your baby, and the experiences you have together, really do matter.

Family hubs offer support to babies, children, young people and their families. They provide a single place to go for support and information from a variety of organisations, making it easier to get the support you need.

They can provide guidance on issues such as building your relationship with your baby, mental health, feeding your baby or toddler and parenting support.

Family Hubs are currently operating in 75 local authorities across England.

The campaign, run by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), works to show that baby’s use their body language, facial expressions, noises, and cries which can help parents find the best way to meet their needs. Support and free resources, including tips and learning materials, are available on the Start for Life website. 

Building a strong bond with your baby makes them feel loved and secure, laying the foundations for their future mental health and happiness.

Babies don’t come with a manual, but they do work hard to be understood. Their body language, facial expressions, noises, and cries are all their ways of telling you what they need.

Lovingly meeting your baby’s needs helps them to learn to manage their emotions, build their confidence, and reduces the risk of future mental health issues.

Your baby’s brain is making one million new connections every second, making the first 2 years so important for a baby’s healthy development.

Looking, listening, and warmly responding to your baby may seem small, but it makes a big difference to their future wellbeing.
Discover more at Start for Life.