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Community Garden Damage

Our community garden furniture is looking a bit sad at the moment, this is because it’s being vandalised every evening, and the benches are gradually being damaged beyond repair.

We also lost our greenhouse last week; it was smashed on Friday evening and we aren’t currently able to replace it. Luckily, the garden is completely covered by CCTV, so we have been able to report this to the police.

We know that lots of you like to use the garden as a waiting room before your appointments, or attend events there, or are part of our wonderful volunteer program who helped to create the garden, so we’re sorry it’s not looking its best. The plan is to invest in some more robust furniture in the future, but this is not something which we’ll be able to do this summer.

If you are visiting the surgery this week, check out our wonderful garden, and if you see some tomatoes and lettuces that are ready for picking, please take some home with you. They are grown by the community, for the community, so all we ask is that you enjoy them.