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Community Garden – Your Views Please!

What’s the plan?

To create a beautiful community garden for all, between the Wellsbourne Health Centre and the Library 

The garden will be a place for sitting and relaxing with family and friends. And for children to play.

There will be places for growing flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, herbs and fruit, for everyone to pick and eat.   There is even a performance area for music and comedy, and places where local artists can exhibit their work.

The garden will be a safe place for staff at the Wellsbourne to meet outside with patients and clients. 

We will have better paths and signs, making it easier for everyone, including wheelchair users, to get in to the Wellsbourne Centre from Whitehawk Way. 

Here is an architect’s impression of how the new garden might look. Courtesy of WW Studio Ltd


The garden is for everyone.  Would you spare a few minutes to let us know what you think by filling in the form below?

Your answers will help decide where everything goes and how it looks.

Community Garden Consultation
When did you hear about the garden?
Are you….
Which ethnic background do you most closely identify with
Do you live or work in East Brighton (Whitehawk, Manor Farm, Bristol Estate, Craven Vale)?
How often do you pass through the garden area eg on your way to the Health Centre or Library?
What don’t you like about the area at the moment (choose as many as you like)?
What would you like to see in the garden (choose as many as you like)?
All done! Thank you. Now press submit