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Covid-19 3rd Vaccination

Patients who are eligible for a 3rd Covid-19 vaccination (sometimes colloquially known as a ‘covid booster’) will be contacted over the next several weeks.

Eligible patients are being invited to book their 3rd Covid-19 vaccination in the same order as the first two vaccinations. This means that patients who are over 80 years of age and health & social care staff are currently being invited, patients over 75 and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable will be invited next and so on through the same priority groups.

You will only be invited once it has been at least six months since your 2nd vaccination. This means that some of you may not be called for your 3rd vaccination for several weeks. That is OK, your first two doses will continue to protect you until you receive your 3rd vaccination.

You may be contacted by either the nationwide vaccination services, which is currently providing vaccinations in Churchill Square, you can contact this service by calling 119 or book by visiting their website. You may also be contacted by the vaccination service operating the vaccination centre at the Racecourse, this is run by the same service who have run the Racecourse vaccination centre since the beginning of the vaccination rollout.

We are working with the same vaccination provider as the first two vaccinations. This means you may here from HERE who are running the Racecourse vaccination site by telephone or text. The Racecourse vaccination centre is in the main building, just as it was for your first vaccinations. Free transport is still available and you can arrange this by contacting the booking hub on 0300 303 8060. Please do not contact us, as we cannot arrange this for you.

If you are housebound and unable to get to the Racecourse, even with the transport provided, and had your first two vaccinations given to you at home you do not need to contact us. You will be contacted by the same Covid-19 vaccination home visiting team as visited you last time. If you have become housebound for any reason since your first vaccinations, please do let us know so that we can make sure you receive a visit. You can let us know via the ‘contact us‘ form on this website, or by calling reception on 01273 005444.