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Health Equity by the Sea

Inequalities in health are unfair but not inevitable.  This project is the start of an in-depth exploration into the approach being tried in East Brighton to redress the balance, combining social business, deprivation medicine and community development theories and practices to improve population health and wellbeing.


The primary goals of Wellsbourne Healthcare CIC are to tackle health inequalities in East Brighton, reduce long-term illness, empower greater involvement and participation in health, and to provide a better experience for both staff and patients. Since its launch in 2018, the CIC appears to be having a range of positive benefits and we want to better understand these impacts and the mechanisms behind them through this mixed methods research, in partnership with the Brighton & Sussex Medical School. 

There are three objectives for the first part of this research, which is taking place between January and April 2021:

  1. To understand the literature on where and how social business models have been applied to healthcare settings directly through primary care services, particularly in relation to deprivation medicine  
  2. To establish relationships with stakeholders in East Brighton by establishing a community-led Advisory Group
  3. To facilitate three meetings of the Advisory Group with the purpose of framing research questions and strategies for a subsequent, bigger research project to follow later in 2021

Outputs and Outcomes

The outputs from this project will be:

  • A report which includes the outcomes of the literature review and the Advisory Group consultation process    
  • A Research and Development plan for Wellsbourne Healthcare in 2021/22
  • At least one substantive research bid 

The Outcomes from this project will be:

  • Greater confidence within Wellsbourne Healthcare about coordinating community-led research approaches     
  • Stronger relationships and connectedness between Wellsbourne Healthcare, its academic partners, and its community partners
  • Increased knowledge within Wellsbourne Healthcare and amongst its community partners about participatory research techniques
  • A better understanding of the concrete changes to population health and wellbeing, and the processes involved, that have occurred since the launch of Wellsbourne Healthcare which can be further explored


Health Equity by the Sea receives ‘Impact Acceleration’ funding from the Economic & Social Research Council, distributed by the University of Sussex