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Prescription Requests

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Prescription Requests

At Wellsbourne surgery, we now require 3 working days to process a prescription request for medication. Please remember to take into consideration weekends and bank holidays. This is to allow the clinicians adequate time to review and process the prescriptions.

Medication can be requested 7 days in advance. Any requests before this timeframe will be rejected unless there is a valid reason provided as to why the request has been made early.

Please allow this time for clinicians to work uninterrupted to prevent detrimental effects on the service we provide.

Repeat medication can be requested in various ways:

→ In-person by returning your repeat prescription slip to the pharmacy or surgery

→ In-person by filling out a paper request form at the surge

→ Online via services such as NHS app, AirMandid, SystmOne (registration for access is required)

→ Online via Wellsbourne surgery website (no registration required)

We do not take prescription requests over the phone

Please do not call reception to order your medication. This is to prevent the communication errors. Our reception staff are not authorised to make any exceptions. Staff are not allowed to interrupt duty doctors during their surgery.

This policy is put in place to protect our patients and staff, prevent mistakes and ensure safety.

We will not tolerate any abuse to or of our staff as they are following instructions given to them by clinical teams. Please respect our reception staff.

There are sometimes circumstances in which medication has not been ordered in time. Please note, that such “urgent” requests cause a great deal of disruption to the smooth running of the practice. Please be aware that such requests will be questioned very carefully and may well be refused by the clinician. A record is kept for such requests.

Why does it take 3 working days to process repeat prescription request?

Our prescription clerk has to check your medical records to ensure that your medication request is on your repeat prescription list and then pass it on to the clinical team.

Between clinics, a clinician will double-check the medication to ensure that it is still appropriate medication for you.

Delays may occur if your medication request is not on your repeat prescription list, if your medication request is different from what your doctor has prescribed for you, or if your doctor wishes to review and/or change your medication.

When a prescription is issued and signed by the clinician, it is electronically sent to your nominated pharmacy. The pharmacy needs to process the prescription and order the stock, as they are unable to keep every drug in every dose in stock on the premises.

The length of time it takes for your prescription to be available from a pharmacy once it leaves the practice is out of our control.

You should always check with your pharmacy to see if your prescription has been received by them.