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We would like to keep your records keep your up to date, so please complete the appropriate form if your medical information or personal details change.

Prospective Records Access

You may be aware of a national policy being implemented across England. The changes NHS England has planned are to be effective from 1 November 2022 and enable all patients over the age of 16 to automatically have prospective (future) access to all medical records held electronically in GP systems.

While this has many benefits for patients, as many of you will know, it is not without its problems. As with all things, our primary interest must be the safety and wellbeing of our patients. This means that suitable safeguards
need to be in place for all patients, not only for those who may be considered more vulnerable, such as people at risk of domestic violence. Unfortunately, despite months of work, we will not be ready to implement this increased access to records for all our patients on the 1st of November 2022. We will continue to offer and promote online access, with access usually being granted on request (to request access to your medical records, please use one of the forms below).

We believe that the safest and most effective way of providing access for
patients to their online records is through a consent-driven or shared-decision-making process
where each patient chooses to opt-in allowing us to check the records carefully before
the request for access is granted.

As Data Controllers of your GP record, and custodians of patient care, we have a dual
obligation to uphold our responsibilities to our patients in terms of information governance
as well as clinical safety. For more information on our responsibilities as Data Controllers, please see our privacy policy.