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Ask To See Medical Records

Your Own Record

The easiest way to see your Medical Record is online. Register or Log In to your online record here.

For a paper copy of your medical records or information that we hold about you, please ask at Reception or call us on 01273 0005444. But we recommend viewing your record online as it will always be up to date. A paper record will be quickly out of date.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) give you the statutory right to access any information, whether it is held on paper or computerised.  You can authorise someone else to make the application on your behalf and if you have parental responsibilities you may make an application to see your child’s notes.

You do not have to give a reason for applying to see your records. If you don’t want the whole record but just want to see a record for a particular period or treatment, please give as much detail as possible in the form.

Someone Else’s Record

If you are asking to see another adult’s record, for example someone you care for, we will need their permission unless you already have delegated responsibility for them under the Mental Capacity Act.

If you are asking to see the record for a child aged under 16, we will ALWAYS ask for their consent if they are aged between 13 and 16.