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Reception Phone Queues

If you have tried to reach us recently, you may have noticed that our phone lines are extremely busy! We are not usually this busy at this time of year and tend to be less popular when the weather is hot, so this has come as a bit of a surprise.

Please be kind to our reception team, they are answering the phones as quickly as they can, often in excess of 500 calls per day and are currently training three new receptionists who will soon be helping with the workload.

Our phone queue holds 25 patients at a time, which is about the number of calls that we can answer in 30 minutes. We have decided against having a longer queue so that we don’t keep you on hold for longer than we need to. So, if you call us and don’t hear our usual message followed by a ringing tone, the queue is already full. When this happens, please call us back a few minutes later if your problem is urgent or, if it’s not urgent, call us back a bit later in the day. We receive fewer calls after 3pm and it’s easier to get through.

If you are struggling to get through and your problem is not urgent, you can use our website www.wellsbournehealthcare.org.uk to send us an online consultation, which will be answered within two working days. This is a great way to get advice about non-urgent problems and to send us requests for paperwork such as sick notes or letters.

We understand that it is frustrating when you are unable to get through, but we ask that you please remain calm and polite with our reception team. They are doing their best and are training new staff members, which means this will not be an issue for long.

Thank you for your patience.