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Wellsbourne Community Garden Update

It was rollicking weather yesterday and unfortunately our volunteers from NatWest had to cancel and reschedule. We were joined by Daniel, Selina and Jake and Beau. Jools brought along some spinach plants and seeds. We mixed up some compost, fine enough to start the seedlings. I experimented with home baked lentil rolls for our tea break which were full of protein and we had a little lemon drizzle cake. It started raining, but we managed to weed, get rid of leaves white mould and cut back dahlias. ..and harvest.

Our bug expert Beau found lots of creatures under the tarp including a ‘mother’ slug and slugling eggs- all slugs can reproduce – very sensible. 

The Family Hub invited us to take some of their fabulous grapes from the vine and also gave us a bit of shelter from the rain to have our break. Thank you Family Hub